Sharon Christian, Artist




A Life's Journey of Art

Sharon wrote a book about her journey in art. 

The essence of the book is to answer the question being asked, by many people, whether art as we know it, has any place in the world today. If art has any value, other than on the auction block, or on the drafting and design tables,  “What is it?”

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Priarie/Pioneer Remedies

The stories of the men and women who homesteaded on the Canadian Prairies in the early part of the 1900's

Prairie Remedies, and the second edition called Pioneer Remedies which collectively sold 10,000 copies were illustrated by Sharon under her married name - Holmes.

Used copies can still be found online.

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Nature's Little Good Guys

An educational colouring book

Sharon's art always had a focus on nature and man in their environment. After studying “small guys” for many years she decided to create the enclosed educational colouring book for kids of all ages.It is a story about the importance of the small animals and plants in today’s world and their role in maintaining a balance in nature rather than using man made “solutions’ such as herbicides and pesticides.

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